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Employment has been an issue in our country for over a decade now and anyone who faces this difficulty first-hand knows how terrible it can be. Mr. Arbin Patnayak was also one of them. He struggled to find a decent job for him for a long time but once he got work, he decided to create better and faster job opportunities for people so that they suffer a little less. That’s when the idea of a garment manufacturing unit came to him.

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“I want to serve all the people who are roaming here and there for a better job placement”-said Arbin

So, in 2013 with the help of his 2 brothers-in-law and his wife he started with the trading of garments. Soon after receiving good response through trading he started up with his manufacturing unit in Haridwar itself. He gathered people with good tailoring skills, Pattern Making skills, fabric cutting and alignment of layers skills and employees for every sector which were necessary for setting up a basic manufacturing unit.

In the beginning, he manufactured garments focusing on domestic sector but soon he realized that 200-500 orders are not sufficient to attain benefit.

“I want to introduce more techniques and computerized machines and want to set up this company at much larger scale”-said Arbin

Soon, he started with purchase of yarns from market and started making his own fabric. He made contact with exporters and started to bring bigger orders from them. With the help of his team, he was able to gather good orders in large scale for garments like T-shirts, polo shirts, socks, shorts, leggings, etc, all hosiery items.

“I want to work harder towards becoming a direct exporter while I uplift my wife (Alka Patnayak) as another entrepreneur by my side.”-said Arbin

Currently, he has 30 direct and 60 indirect workers under him. He owns one computerized embroidery machine, 30 stitching machines, two sublimation, one fusing and one hot-pressing machines. Owning a 4500sq/feet setup he aspires his wife to be the owner of the factory as an entrepreneur herself. He also aspires to hire more people and make more lives better.He is also committed to provide service to corporate, importers and traders.

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