Quick Builds in Allahabad was founded by Mr Dinesh Shukla. There are around 30 million houses required for the overall population of India. Mr Dinesh Shukla founded Quick builds with the insight of manufacturing comfortable and economically viable housing solutions. Unlike other institutions, providing solutions to the bigger end of urban cities, Quick builds harvests the same technology for rural people. Mr Dinesh’s vision and insight of this project have been appreciated by the PMO office also.

Dinesh Shukla - Connect2india SME Stories

Dinesh stated,
“Quick Builds believes that the new era of development has changed the concept behind adequate housing. In recent years, people don’t want to construct their houses, they endeavor to manufacture them.”Therefore, Quick Builds utilizes indigenous technologies to create potential housing solutions at a small-scale level, which they plan on replicating in time.

Quick Builds relies on technology to originate the solutions for their customers. They count on delivering their promises on time with the edge of perfection. Dinesh Shukla aims to embrace the dreams of his customers. Dinesh assures confidently, “Any dream house of any shape or configuration can be built in months.”

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