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After working for a few years in the private sector industry for a good number of years, Mr. Rakesh Rajvanshi decided to start working for himself. He has always had a keen interest in artificial jewelry and the intricate work that beaded jewelry involves, has kept him in awe. Mr. Rajvanshi, at the age of 64, has come up with his own brand known as Miva International Pvt. Ltd. Wherein they have a team of women who are responsible for the manufacturing beautiful beaded Native American Jewelry along with a wide range of hatbands. They also started working on an extensive range of moccasins and leather shoes while challenging themselves with doing something that no one was doing quite the same in the market.

 Miva International - artificial jewelry - Connect2India SME Stories

Mr. Rajvanshi shares that a high point came in his life when he started exporting his products across The United States along with several other countries in the American continent and the response that came was beyond his expectations. He says,

“I am glad that people abroad not only did appreciate but also understood the art that’s present in our products.”

The intricate bead work involves a lot of uniformity for it to bring out the beauty that attracts a large number of audiences and the Native American style of the jewelry is not something easy to master but Mr. Rajvanshi has made a name for himself and Miva International across the world by being the best in the field.

Miva International Pvt. Ltd. Plans to bring out a range of Horn, Bone and Resin jewelry very soon and would soon make it available for audiences abroad.

 Miva International - artificial jewelry - Connect2India SME Stories

Mr. Rajvanshi along with his son, Mr. Anant Mohan Rajvanshi are not only highly dedicated towards their family business but also believe in helping others grow too along with them and have a staff that majorly consists of women who are from destitute backgrounds and they are now able to provide for their families sufficiently.

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