In the tender age of 13 years, Rajiv was already set out of his house to earn and feed his family. while still being a teenager, he was supposed to be one of the two earning members of his family. While he sold newspapers in South Extension area of New Delhi, his father took children’s tutions to support the family.

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His family has been through a time full of struggles and various ups-downs. Rajiv shares that there were many days on which they had to sleep empty stomachs because the hard work didn't pay off very well sometimes. Which inspires him to say-

“I don’t want to live for myself, I want to work for poor people. I feel the pain which feel because I have experienced what it’s like!”- said 27 years old Rajiv.

When he grew up, he went to Mumbai searching for some work opportunities, while as a side part he played guitar on the streets and beach which helped him to survive for food and living there. Later he came back to Delhi for his studies at NIIT, GNIT and started with an idea of setting up a business After struggling for a very long period of time good days came into Rajiv’s life when he got his first click in LED appliances.

His vision was to build a place for people who have struggles bringing up their families . After setting up industry in LED, he launched Ormax Motocops on 2nd August 2019. With collaboration with automobiles manufacturer in Chennai he imports them to his factory which is located at Gurugram near Hero-Honda chowk. Further, he is also trading autocoups in U.P, Jharkhand and other local areas.

Later this year, he has planned to start 2 more new companies named ORMAX – BEAUTY and ORMAX – LOGISTICS.

“The day when people recognise me for my services and start working for poor people, I would feel happy for myself.”

Further maybe after 15-20 years from now, Rajiv wants to enter into politics and work for the country.

As side activities, he offers food, medicines, clothes to poor people. And is also very fond of listening and creating music.

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