How an Engineer Made Career in Trade

After completing his B.Tech, Rahul Singla had big dreams to pursue. He was always interested in the trade sector and wanted to have a business of his own in the same industry. It is a well known fact that starting up your own business can be a tricky process and demands a lot diligence. However, Rahul did not shy away from giving every bit of his caliber to build up Sanwariya Traders into a successful trade brand.

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Initially, he began with importing and exporting metal scrap from UAE and during the process, he realized that the foreign market had a huge demand for Indian agro products. This gave him an idea of an excellent business opportunity. In no time, he decided that he wanted to expand his business into this field too. He started exporting Indian vegetables and fruits like green chilies and pomegranate into the markets of UAE.

Rahul’s business is currently booming at a rapid pace and he is working hard to make it one of the best but owning a business is also not a cakewalk. There are certain difficulties that Sanwariya Traders sure faces. One that causes trouble sometimes is the price hikes and downs. It can be a little sensitive to trade in a situation where there is a sudden hike in prices while importing or a low in prices while exporting. But with experience and talent, Rahul Singla has managed to come above it every time.

In future, Sanwariya Traders plan to introduce Indian pulses and grains into the Middle East market. Not only will they take the responsibility to export them, they will also manage its manufacturing.

We, at Connect2India, wish Rahul and his team all the very best for their future endeavors.

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