Tell us something about your business? What is it called and who all are the founding members?

Nirav Solanki:-

Our brand is called PayKun Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. And we are five founders & Friends, all are Young and Enthusiastic.

Nirav Solanki (26 Y) (B.E in IT), Prashant Kambad(27 Y)(B.E. in IT), Nikunj Yadav(27 Y) (BCA), Deepak Dabhi(28 Y) (Diploma In Computer Science), Vijay Yadav(28 Y)(B.E. Mechanical)

We established PayKun on May 31, 2018, and launched it on Aug 15th 2018.

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What is PayKun truly about? Would you like to tell us about your vision and mission?

PayKun is an online payment gateway based out of Bhavnagar, Gujarat providing services to small and large online businesses in various sectors. We have 120+ online payment methods which include Debit/Credit Cards, Net Banking, Wallets, UPI, and QR Code.

Mission Vision

Our vision is to provide entrepreneurs with a simple, hassle-free and affordable online payment solution.

Our vision is to empower small and large online businesses by providing them with a reliable platform to accept online payments.

What inspired you to create PayKun?

We always wanted to do our own business, so we started with freelancing IT projects. We thought of launching our own product which required a payment gateway. But none of the companies was ready to approve our merchant account as we were not a registered company then and didn’t have any valid business documents. That’s when it struck us that there is a need for simplified online payment solution for entrepreneurs. After this, we did a lot of research as nobody from us was from finance background. It nearly took six months for us to take the first step. We started developing with a small team and it took almost 1.5 years to complete the development of PayKun. Meanwhile, we also registered our business on May 31, 2018. On August 15, 2018, we launched PayKun. Since then we have never looked back. We are working hard continuously, to become the best payment gateway service provider of India.

What do you define as achievements for PayKun?

If we talk about achievements in terms of awards or trophies, we didn’t receive any achievements but coming from Tier-3 cities like Bhavnagar and creating a giant system like payment gateway with a very small team without any Fintech sector knowledge we have achieved a lot that can’t be explained in words.

Apart from this, we were recognized in Startup India for our initiative towards promoting digital payments in India.

What makes PayKun different than the payment gateways that are currently available?

Features such as customized transaction rates for every business, highly secure, fast settlement, free integration and responsive customer support is what makes us stand apart from our competitors.

  • 120+ Payment options, this is the highest number of payment options compared to any other payment gateway.
  • Payment link: This is our most unique feature where anyone can accept payment without any app/website.
  • Security: We are following the highest security in our system PCI DSS Level 1 3.2.1

What do you see as PayKun’s future?

Our Future plan is simple but difficult to achieve, that each & every startup/individual should/can accept digital payments for their business as the easiest way possible. And customer should not be forced to use any specific payment method or wallet. So With our system customer can make payment with any payment option Card, Net-Banking, Wallets, QR, and EMI with easiness & Security.

In simple words, we want to become the #1 payment gateway in India by promoting digital payment to all the common people.

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