What is a Dry port? CFS in export-import trade

Enlighten yourself with the information regarding different ports and their functionality. There are two sides of a trade. One would be the manufacturer who is eyeing to export and two would be the buyer who wants to import.

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Proof of Delivery – POD in Exports and Imports

Businesses associated with exports and imports are widely familiar with the term POD, an abbreviation of Proof of Delivery. It is the most important document that indicates that the goods imported overseas have reached the final consignee. It is also known as Port of Discharge.

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What is Freight On Board

Very important for the process of export and delivery. It can be useful for both international or domestic transportation. However, the type of documentation you need varies with the destination of the shipment.

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What is Combined Bill of Lading / Multi model Bill of Lading

To understand the combined bill of Lading, first, we need to comprehend the meaning of the bill of lading. It is a piece of paper or document which is being used by agents or carriers of shipment agencies for carrying goods.

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Understanding Nuts and Bolts of Ocean Bill of Lading and Air Waybill

Mainly, there are three ways of transportation – road, air, and ocean. However, the ocean and air are the two most convenient mediums of transportation if you’re going to ship goods overseas.

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Tips for Exporters Before Booking LCL Shipments

This post is specially designed for exporters who are curious to know more tips to look out for while booking LCL shipments with a freight forwarder.

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Ten tips to get export order-How to get export order

A business requires to upskill its performance if it desires to increase the productivity. One of the major options would be to start dealing with overseas markets. Trading with other countries offers an edge in this competitive world. peak.

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Role of Prime Banker in Letter of Credit

The least familiarity with export and import can be enough to depict the importance of a Letter of Credit. Many people are not aware of the functionality of LC, the letter of credit is a guarantee from a bank. The role of LC is to ensure that the buyer makes the payment to the seller.

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