Largest export partners of India

India export almost 7500 products to 190 countries and imports approximately 6000 products from 140 countries, in which China, UAE and U.S  are largest export partners of India. For both the things either exports or imports trading partners exists. There is a list of nations with which India deals in terms of import and export. As per ministry of commerce and industry 59.37% from total trade is represented by fifteen trading partners of India. United States, United Arab Emirates, China, Hong Kong, Germany are included within the top export destination for India. As per the World Trade Organization, India ranks 5th in commercial service export and 6 th in commercial service import. There is a huge list which involves almost 190+ countries, so to sort it a little we must get into some specifications like who are the largest trading partners of India?

List of largest trading partners of India in 2017-2018

Biggest trading partners of India includes China, United States, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, Belgium, Qatar and many more… Export - Connect2india Article Posts China is the top most trading partner with total trade of 84.4 in billion of US dollars, Followed by United States with trade of 74.3 in billion of US dollars. This was the list of nations to which India exports. Same time India also imports many commodities India lacks in. For this let's go through the countries that are exporting in India i.e. List of Countries of which India is the largest trading partner It involves Bhutan, Guinea-Bissau, Afghanistan, Nepal, Nigeria, Mozambique, Ghana, Tanzania, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. Bhutan have exported its 95.3% commodities in India; Whereas Guinea-Bissau ranked on 2 with exporting 67.1% of commodities.

India’s top 10 trading partners

The two main destinations or market of exported commodities are the EU market and the USA, while the two main markets of origin are China and EU. India is involved in trading with numerous countries which includes China, United States, Singapore, Qatar, Japan, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran and many more…

India’s top trading partners Include

  • U.S
  • UAE
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Bangladesh
  • Netherlands
  • Nepal

Further, Belgium, Vietnam, Malaysia, Italy, Saudi Arabia ranks on 11 th to 15 th and about three-fifths (60.4%) of Indian export in 2018 were delivered to the above 15 trade partners. Now we have gone through the trading partners of India which couldn’t have been possible without the trading companies.

Here are India’s top 10 trading companies

From 10 largest trading companies four has specialization in petroleum-related sectors; even two of them are Indian automobile manufacturers. These are India’s biggest export related companies as per the asset value.
  • Reliance Industries (Oil, Gas)
  • Oil and Natural Gas (Oil, Gas)
  • Indian Oil (Oil, Gas)
  • Tata Motors (Car/Truck maker)
  • Tata Steel (Iron, Steel)
  • Hindalco Industries (Aluminium)
  • Coal India (Diversified metals, Mining)
  • Steel Authority Of India (Iron, Steel)
  • Bharat Petroleum (Oil, Gas)
  • Mahindra (Car/Truck maker)

The most difficult aspect of exporting is determining the target market. It’s another thing to know that the product can be sold in the market but knowing where to sell is the key point. Having knowledge about the trading partners will help you to decide the target market for your products. For successful exporting you need to analyze the data to determine the target market. With the help of this you can easily determine where to trade as these are the countries with which currently India is trading.further you can go through though list of products exported from India and most exported agricultural products to know what commodities are exported to these trading partners.

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